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Always in pursuit of new technologies, CEV is a leader in audio/video communication, broadcast, multimedia, VR technology & IT. CEV specializes in the sale, rental, custom design, installation, integration, servicing, and product training of the most world renowned professional state-of-the-art technology.

Our market includes television broadcasters, production and post-production houses, music studios, corporations, government and educational institutions. CEV has a workforce of over 20 permanent employees in Eastern Canada.

CEV has built a solid and enviable reputation on account of our focus and determination to offer quality products, highly trained personnel and technically skilled support teams. CEV's goal has repeatedly centered on ensuring customer satisfaction is a priority to all its personnel. We are renowned for:

  • Our quick speed of execution: often, CEV offers new, state-of-the-art technology before the competition.
  • Our initiative and determination to master new products and go beyond the standard set by the manufacturers.
  • Our ability and expertise to tailor and customize a solution to respond to the fundamental requirements of our customers.
  • Our expertise in isolating product problems, faults or errors and informing the manufacturers. This talent has earned CEV their respect; it is one of the reasons why CEV is considered as an excellent partner.

We can modestly state that the most rewarding advantage that CEV possesses is the implication, openness and participation of all its employees. Many work beyond their job responsibilities because when customer satisfaction is achieved – it is a reward in itself. CEV has enormous confidence in the competence of all its employees. Here lies another of the reasons of our success.

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