Karrera K-Frame S-series 2M/E system

Karrera K-Frame S-series Switchers All The Switcher Power You Want, With The Affordability You Need The new Karrera K-Frame S-series Video Production Center systems combine ultimate mid-range switcher performance, along with proven workflows and simplified control of complex productions, with multiformat support including 1080p and 4K. These unrivaled capabilities are offered as two system packages, with 3 M/Es or 2 M/Es, for exceptional affordability. Karrera K-Frame S-series switchers deliver unmatched creative freedom for highly produced content, using up to 6 M/Es across two suites, with four keyers per M/E, and up to eight floating iDPMs. All this processing power is combined with high volume inputs/outputs (80x48 maximum) for outstanding versatility. The switchers are fully Future-Ready, with multiformat support including 1080p and 4K. Switching of 4K is offered without the need for any hardware or software upgrades. The compact 6 RU video frame delivers a high level of functional integration for space efficiency. It features built-in Image Store still/movie storage, and dual multiviewers for up to 28 windows with tally. Karrera K-Frame S-series switchers are now available with IP I/O for SMPTE 2022-6 connectivity. See the K-Frame S-series IP I/O webpage for more information. Product feature • Compact Frame (6 RU) with 10-bit 4:2:2 video processing:     o 32 standard inputs, up to 80 maximum     o 16 standard outputs, up to 48 maximum     o Up to 6 M/Es for exceptional creative freedom     o Up to 8 floating DPMs, accessed as either iDPM or eDPM at the user's discretion • 4 full function keyers in every M/E, with standard keying modes including chromakey • 2D DPMs (resizers) on every keyer, with 4 pairs of 2D DPMs per M/E • Floating 3D iDPMs for more complex digital effects • Future-Ready with multiformat support, including 1080p (level A or B) and 4K • Smart I/O modules provide up/down/crossconversion (optional) • Integrated macro builder/editor allows users to edit macros online (or offline) on a PC running the menu application • DoubleTake split M/E mode effectively doubles the number of M/Es (optional) • FlexiKey programmable clean feed mode for separately programmable configurations of keyers from 4 M/E outputs • Aux bus transitions for dissolves and wipes on aux bus outputs • Built-in Image Store for storing up to 3,000 stills or 50 seconds of 1080p video to 10 video+key pair outputs • Integrated external ClipStore provides multiple channels of video+key pairs for up to 10+ hours of non-volatile video/key/audio clip storage • Built-in, dual output multiviewer with 5 pre-configured layouts (maximum 14 panes per layout) with On-Air and Preview tally • Interfaces with Grass Valley routers and external Kaleido multiviewers, as well as their control systems • LDK Series & LDX Series camera control with Ethernet tally via Connect Gateway • 999 macros with multiple means of recall from the panel • 1,000 E-MEM registers with Define E-MEM for fine control in creation and editing of effects • RGB color correction on the M/E buses and aux bus outputs (optional) • System Control area with device control sub-sections, switched preview, aux bus delegation and macro controls • Source Rules links keyers to sources and set rules for "on/off/left alone" on every M/E with full look-ahead preview • Ethernet tally connection for integration with external tally systems • VDCP Ethernet connect for stadium applications View Datasheet PDF
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