StorNext Pro Production

StorNext Pro PRODUCTION It is no mystery that content production has gotten a lot harder. You are being asked to produce more, on a global scale and in a wider array of formats. To fully monetize content, you need a full range of capabilities not only for creating content, but also controlling, monetizing and managing it long-term. StorNext Pro Production delivers production, review, archive and LTFS sharing in one system, offering incredible storage capacity and very high performance to meet your needs. StorNext Pro PRODUCTION combines the powerful StorNext M662XL Metadata Appliance, StorNext QXS-1200 RAID Storage (96TB raw capacity) plus a StorNext AEL500 41-slot LTO-6 library with 102.5TB raw capacity for cost-effective archiving automated by StorNext Storage Manager. With StorNext Pro Production, you get all the capabilities of the other StorNext Pro Solutions, plus LTFS for ingest, delivery, and archive, an integrated unlimited StorNext DLC license for high-speed Windows and Linux IP connectivity for transcode and proxy acceleration, as well as local and remote review station support. StorNext Pro PRODUCTION includes: • StorNext M662XL Metadata Appliance, with support for 8 volumes and 10 Windows and Linux SAN client licenses • StorNext QXS-1200 RAID Storage 48TB • StorNext QXS-1200 RAID Storage 48TB Expansion • StorNext AEL500 Archive • StorNext Connect management platform • Service Spares Kit Options: • StorNext M662 Storage Expansion, with support for 8 additional volumes • StorNext QXS-1200 RAID Storage 48TB Expansion • Q-Cloud Archive The Content Production & Ownership Solution • Integrated gateway for modern Windows/Linux proxy workflows • Full transcode and production capabilities • Complete solution including LTFS acquisition and archive View Datasheet PDF
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