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Get More Storage Space for Free with Spectra!

November 1 2016
Spectra's Family of Verde NAS Disk Solutions provide you with the best combination of low price and high reliability in the industry. It’s also by far the easiest NAS to install and manage.
  • Buy a 4U Verde SAS with 20 drives (4TB or 8TB) and receive 15 drives free
  • Buy a 2U or 4U Verde SAS or Verde DPE and receive a free LTO-7 drive
  • Buy a 4U Verde DPe with 400TB capacity and get 200TB for free
This offer is valid until December 30th, 2016

Dejero LIVE+ Gateway: Fast, reliable and secure mobile Internet connectivity

October 20 2016
The LIVE+ Gateway solution provides fast, reliable, and secure access to the public Internet and private networks while in the field. It includes in-vehicle equipment, cellular and satellite connectivity services, and the renowned LIVE+ Control cloud-based management system. This easy to install, connect, and manage solution enables field crews to research stories, access media assets, and quickly transfer files – simplifying production workflows and increasing productivity.

RackTop BrickStor - Storage and Data Management Optimized for Media Workflow

October 19 2016
Extreme Data at Your Fingertips · RackTop's intelligent self optimizing storage for Media & Entertainment · Streamline and improve workflows · Protect data with versioning and replication while enabling user self service · Forecast data usage for smart growth Contact us for more information
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