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Nouvelle licence Avid Vidéo - Profitez-en maintenant!

8 octobre 2014
Pour les licence Avid Audio, cliquez ici. Pour profiter du prix de 299 $US du plan de Soutien Avid, vous DEVEZ renouveller en 2014, ou renouveller lorsque votre plan courant arrive à sa fin. Voici plus d'information (en version originale) provenant de la FAQ de Media Composer | Software (v8): Q: Do I have to change the way I buy Avid software? Can I just continue to buy an upgrade when I need it?
A: If you have Media Composer but aren't currently on an Avid Support plan, you should sign up for the yearly Avid Support renewal plan for $299 USD, which includes software upgrades/updates and support for one year from the date of purchase. That's like paying for a single upgrade, but getting a whole year's worth of updates and upgrades, plus a team of world-class support experts available when you need help. If you neglect to join the Avid Support plan in 2014 (or at the end of your support contract), you will have to purchase the product anew, or subscribe to an annual plan in order to continue to receive the latest features and support. If you haven't upgraded Media Composer recently (you own a release prior to Media Composer v6.5), you can effectively "upgrade" your license to v8 by purchasing an Avid Support renewal plan at $299 in 2014. This includes the Avid Support plan that provides software updates/upgrades and support for one year. At the end of that year, the software will continue to work, but to continue receiving new features and support, you will want to renew yearly for $299 USD. Q: I'm an existing Media Composer user; what happens to my software now? Do I have to upgrade to this new licensing model?
A: If you have an existing Avid Expert Plus or Elite Support plan, you will be able to upgrade to Media Composer 8 when it is available as long as your contract is still active. If your contract has expired or you don't have an Avid Support plan, you have the choice of purchasing an Avid Support renewal plan, which provides support and updates/upgrades for one year, or not renewing and remaining at your current level of software. Outside of the renewal program, you can continue to run your current version of software indefinitely. To take advantage of the $299 price for the Avid Support plan, you MUST renew in 2014 or renew when your existing support contract expires. Contactez votre représentant CEV pour plus d'information.
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