Archiware Solutions for Backup, Synchronisation and Archiving

June 17 2016

Archiware is a manufacturer of data management software for backup, synchronisation and archiving. The Archiware P5 software is platform independent and aimed primarily at media and production companies. The four modules in the Archiware P5 Suite secure data using different methods and restore them when required. A central question when choosing the right module is:

How long can I work without the data on my server?

  • Minutes – P5 Synchronize clones files for immediate availability without restore
  • Hours – P5 Backup creates security copies of the files for a quick restore
  • Hours/Days – P5 Archive migrates files to tape and saves online storage space

The three modules for securing server data are completed by P5 Backup2Go for central data backups of workstations and laptops.

All modules can be combined to create multiple-step security concepts to achieve maximum data security, such as the Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape-strategy.

Four products, one goal: safeguard your data.

  • P5 Synchronize – Replicate data to ensure high-availability.
  • P5 Backup – Back up server data to disk and tape.
  • P5 Backup2Go – Back up desktop and laptop data to disk.
  • P5 Archive – Move or migrate data offline to disk and tape.
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