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TV News Crew Using Dejero to Broadcast Live from Cell Phone

June 18 2012
Transmit broadcast-quality HD or SD live video over bonded cellular networks, WiFi or using Ethernet direct. Dejero LIVE+ offers: Live HD/SD + Store & Forward + Web Stream +File-Transfer +Mobile Devices. Increase your mobile ENG video assets and expand your newsgathering capability. See video below for actual examples.

Backup your Videos on the Go

September 27 2011
The Nexto DI NVS is a high speed portable video back up device for use in the field. Accepts SxS, P2 directly, plus CF cards. Content is quickly copied to a 750GB HDD at rate of 80 MB/s for SxS, 72 MB/s of P2 and 78 MB/s for CF. A 2.4” LCD screen is standard for verifying capture of your footage.

Increase Your Camcorder's Recording Quality with NanoFlash

September 27 2011
NanoFlash is a portable HD/SD recorder/player designed to mount on a camcorder and designed to record higher quality images than the camera itself, using 4:2:2 HD-SDI or HDMI output. A must-have tool!
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